2020.12.19 – The Grumpy Old Man finds “SPLELING” isn’t always Bad!


OK, correct “SPELLING” is a good thing. But it isn’t the only thing. In Genealogy handwritten documents might contain a “G” could look like a “C.” A small “a” could be mistaken for an “o” or the reverse.

Names can also be spelled in various ways, Jon or John. I know a woman that spelled her name Lynda, not Linda. Then there is Petersen instead of Peterson. A woman may be under her maiden name or her husband’s last name. Depending on your name, how many ways can it be spelled? You get the picture.

When searching, don’t be constrained by a single spelling. A simple letter change can open a whole new search on a set of records or documents to explore. Flexibility is the key.

Once we find, for instance, Jon Petersen and John Peterson, what next? Are they the same person? Are they two separate persons?

This is where supporting documents, records, and personal knowledge come into play. For more in-depth information, you can go to www.seekerz.net to the main heading, “How To.” Under the drop down menu “How to General,” check out “How to Prove it,” and under the “How to Family Search,” find “Search for Records.”

Remember, Life is not easy, Neither is Genealogy, but they are both an Adventure! Everybody loves Adventure.

“Grumpy Hunting.” (Happy Hunting).

Pat Smart


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