Activities for kids during a ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!

Sure, a Zombie Apocalypse may be far-fetched. But, I am sure you could think of another similar situation. One, in which you may need to keep the kids entertained for long periods, say for, for example, during the coronavirus shutdown.
There are copious amounts of things to do. Genealogy is for all ages, from Grade school to Teenagers, to Retirees. It is both entertaining and educational.
Here are a few that you can do WITH your kids.
During this time of “Social Distancing,” there is no better way to get a child to connect with their ancestry than to phone a grandparent or other relative. Write down questions for him or her to ask. Where were they born? Where did they go to school? What was it like when they were the same age as the child.
Help the child come up with their own questions. How fun would it be to have your child report back to you what they learned about Grandma and or Grandpa? Find out, assign them a Grandpa/Grandma report (i.e., a living book report).
Several activities on the internet can be entertaining and informative and, at the same time, avoid parental blocks, such as, you guessed it, Family History. Seekerz.net has educational articles, human interest stories, and even puzzles to play.
Youtube is also a gold mine of activities. Type Genealogy for kids or teens and see how many videos appear. If you approach it right, learning about Family History can be a rewarding and informative experience and encourage them to get involved for years to come. Just so the parents aren’t left behind, there are plenty of videos to help you stay involved as well.
Come back often. We are growing and adding content all the time.
If you have a question or request, drop us a comment.

Stay Safe. Stay Well. Stay Curious. And become a Seeker.

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