2020.08.02 – How to Learn the Jargon

Seekerz 1

Summary: If you don’t know the language, it’s hard to talk Knowing terms help you ask the right questions Start with the Simple and progress toward the Complex Break the Complex down into simple bite-sized things Terms to Start with Add to your list of terms as you go Detail: […]

2020.07.25 – How to Collect the Clues


Summary: Clues can be anywhere. Start where you are and go from there. What is a clue? Who can find clues? Why should we look for clues? When should we look for clues? Where should we look for clues? What if you hit roadblocks? What clues should we look for […]

2020.07.12 – How to Ask Your Relatives


Summary: Talk to them Let the family know you are interested Get interested in their lives and their parents lives Write to them Go to Family Reunions Videotape those still living Ask for Family History Books and Organizations Ask them if they are in a popular Web Service like FamilySearch.org […]

2020.07.04 – How to Do Family History Step by Step


How to Do Family History Step by StepBy D. E. Lee2020.07.04 Summary: Ask Your Relatives Collect the Clues Learn the Jargon Organize Yourself Put information in the Computer Get information from the Internet Verify the Data! Ask Others for Help Learn How to Research Join organizations Go to the Location […]

2020.06.26 – Death, it is not final


The following poem was written for the passing of a relative on Father’s Day. Death, it is not finalBy D.E. Lee © 2020 We think of death, and mourn those past, Holding to memories, and keeping them fast, But Death is not permanent, nor will it last, It is but […]

Grumpy Old Man is at it again.


Hey, it is me again. Online research is excellent. One can sit at home and search the world. But can they? Online I found out that my Dad was married before he met my mother. I found documents that confirmed he was married to another woman. I could not find […]

A Grumpy Old Man at it Again


I once wrote that one should take time to talk to their relatives, and then sit down and interview them, especially from the generations past. But what if you are the “Generation Past”? No need to wait. No time to waste. I am 70 yrs old. Granted my plan is […]

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