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Wouldn’t it be nice to be immortal? If you have seen the movie Highlander, you know there can be only one. Well, maybe not.
I was an Instructor at an Advanced Individual Training (AIT) School. A school for Veterinarian Assistants, better know as VET TECHS.
We taught our soldiers procedures similar to that of the Medical Techs.
Our students had to learn each procedure on multiple animals, Rats, Cats, Dogs, and Horses.
We also counseled them on their career in the military. One may never know the impact on has on another person.
My Immortality came when I least expected it. I was with a couple of other Instructors at an NCO Ball. A young Sargent came up to me and said she had been a student years ago and that what I had told her was true, and I was the reason she was a Sargent.
At that moment, I became IMMORTAL! I know that she will tell her kids about SSG Smart, and long after I am gone, someone will remember my name.
Realize the impact you have on others and know that you can make an impact on your kids, Grandkids, and others. Become IMMORTAL. Pass your memories and experiences on, so when you are gone, your name will be remembered.

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