2021.07.28 – A New Leaf on the Family Tree


Summary: About A New Leaf show Structure of the show Reasons for interest in Family History Rewards for Family History Tin Types Detail: About A New Leaf Show I have recently discussed three different shows centered on finding your roots through Family History. Each of these comes from different point […]

2021.07.21 – “Ancestors” Show


Summary: About the Ancestors Show Principles Sources Start with yourself Understanding History Topics Detail: About the Ancestors Show There are several shows centered around Family History. I have discussed two of them recently in other articles, one that was a contest with prize money and another that helped those searching […]

2021.07.14 – Finding Long Lost Families


Summary: Know who you are Long Lost Family Show Why seek? How it works How to search Deep Connections Detail: Know who you are You don’t really know who you are until you find out who your parents were. Where you were born was dictated by choices your parents made. […]

2021.07.07 – Become Certified


Become CertifiedBy Dale E. Lee2021.07.07 Summary: Understanding Certification Credentials Offered Knowledge Required Experience Required Educational Opportunities Employment Opportunities Books Available Detail: Over time fields of specialization tend to build up knowledge and expertise. Genealogy is a field of specialization just like Law, or Accounting or Dentistry. However, Genealogy has not […]

2021.06.30 – Learn How to Research


Learn How to ResearchBy Dale E. Lee2021.06.30 Summary: Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) Understanding Evidence Analyze Plan Execute Report Finalize Detail: Other lessons in this course talk about many of the different components of doing Family History Research. This chapter specifically addresses what Professional Genealogists do and how they organize themselves […]

2021.06.23 – Relaxing with Relative Race


Relaxing with Relative RaceBy Dale E. Lee2021.06.23 Summary: Throw some fun in the mix Reality Shows Rules of the game Surprise twists Just have fun Detail: Throw some fun in the mix Some people think Family History is tough, with a lot of research, messaging and analyzing involved. Although it […]

Happy Father’s Day from Seekerz


Father’s Lead By D.E. Lee © 1997 A Father is a man of strength, who keeps a family safe, He leads the children of his house, the way, he tries to pave, To show to them the course to go, to guide them as he can, To be examples of […]

How to Merge in FamilySearch

Seekerz 1

Merge in FamilySearchBy Dale E. Lee Summary: Get the FamilySearch IDs of the duplicates that will be merged Do due diligence in making sure they should be merged In the family tree, click into the entry with the ID to survive Click on Merge By ID under the Tools Category […]

How to Add a Child


How to Add a Child Relationship in FamilySearch By Dale E. Lee 2020.03.20 Summary: – Get the FamilySearch ID of the person to be added to a parent to child relationship – Get the FamilySearch IDs of the parents you wish to add the child to – Verify that the […]

How to Remove a Child Relationship


How to Remove a Child Relationship in FamilySearch By Dale E. Lee 2020.03.08 Summary: – Get the FamilySearch ID person to be removed from a child-parent relationship – Verify that this person should be removed from the relationship – Click into the individual entry on FamilySearch – Scroll down to […]

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