A Grumpy Old Man at it Again


I once wrote that one should take time to talk to their relatives, and then sit down and interview them, especially from the generations past. But what if you are the “Generation Past”? No need to wait. No time to waste.

I am 70 yrs old. Granted my plan is to live to 100. But what if God, Fate, or Events have a different plan? One’s life experiences, if not passed on, are forgotten, lost forever. The secret to immortality is to pass on the events of one’s life so they live on in the memories of generations to come.

Yeah, it can be an ego trip as well. I get a kick out of watching the faces of my Kids, Grandkids, and Great Grandkids when I tell them that this “Bald Headed Old Fat Man” once danced Ballet and even danced the lead in Madam Butterfly! And then I watched them try to get that picture out of their heads. I also Rode Harleys, Bareback Horses, and Bulls. And of course you already know about my swimming with sharks.

What experiences have you had? Let me know. Then copy and paste them into a file Named “Immortality”!

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Grumpy Old Man is at it again.

Hey, it is me again. Online research is excellent. One can sit at home and search the world. But can they? Online I found out that my Dad was married before he met my mother. I found documents that confirmed he was married to another woman. I could not find where my Dad married my mother, UGH. I know he did. I have two brothers and memories that say he did. I just can’t prove it online. Where do I go from here? I keep saying interviewing relatives is the basis of your research. I reached out to my cousin. […]

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