2022.01.19 – A Hard Lesson


The Grumpy Old Man Learned a Hard Lesson

This is a hard post to write. I look at posts that admonish new Genealogists to sit down with their Parents, Grandparents, and Older Relatives. That is great advice as far as it goes.

As a matter of fact, I took that advice. I asked friends and family if they had Memories, Stories, and Pictures. Afterward I realized that most if not all those I asked were OLDER. Not as old as me, but if they weren’t retired, they were close to it.

We, as Genealogists try to document the past, in the present, for our descendants, in the future. But I completely missed documenting the present, in the present, for our descendants, in the future, to a disastrous end.

In my searches I found a daughter I never knew I had. I was ecstatic. My family immediately increased. Even better I found a Granddaughter and 3 Great Grandkids that live 3 ½ miles from me.

I got to spend 3 good years with my granddaughter, but I never sat down with her to get “HER” Memories, Stories, and Pictures. I had all the time in the world. She was only 35. Then she DIED! I can get the Pictures, Stories, and some Memories from her Husband but not from her. That opportunity is lost forever.

It is a lesson learned too LATE: Get those Stories, Memories, and Pictures from your Parents, and Grandparents, BUT


Pat Smart

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