2020.11.04 – Family History Impact on the Present with a Son of Pirates


At one point, the microfilming that remained to be accomplished in Scandinavia was left for me to organize and oversee personally.

The first project I had to organize in that area was about six weeks of filming in the Faeroe Islands, a cluster of small islands in the North Atlantic between Norway and Iceland. The logistic problems were such that I had to spend time in Denmark getting things sorted out prior to accompanying a camera operator from Germany to get the project started.

While in Denmark I attended a church service in Aarhus. Two ladies came into the row where I was sitting, and the one who sat next to me politely asked if she could translate for me. At first I said no thank you, as I wanted to try to rely on my rudimentary knowledge of Norwegian (a language very similar to Danish and much easier for me to pronounce and understand). But then I took a second look and accepted her kind offer.

A subsequent two week filming project in Copenhagen kept me there long enough, that the lady and I had time to get well acquainted, and we were married in April of 1973.

Ralph Hughes

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