2020.09.30 – The Grumpy Old Man finds surprising things in his Family Line


I have said before that when I get bored, my mind tends to wander into wild and weird places. And the following proves it.

Many times, I find things in my Family searches that were hidden from me and quite surprising. For example, I found that my Dad was married before he met my Mother. I also found two of my own Daughters and their families, and they been a blessing in my life.

Genealogy can be quite an adventure. It can be enlightening, and it can be a laugh. Genealogy lets one get a better feel for who one is and from where they came. It is quite an adventure looking through the myriad of documents and finding the “Paper Trail” that confirms that yes, this is my relative, and I can prove it!

I have learned who my parents were and got an insight on how they raised me, and why I am who I am today, A Grumpy Old Man!

Yes, and also I found there are things I can laugh at. Once, I was bored and thought I would see how far back I could go before I hit a Dead End. Understand that your family tree can grow and connect to other branches fellow travelers in genealogy have in common with you.

I got back to my roots in England and found out that I was related to an English King. Granted, it wasn’t King Arthur. His kingdom may have been only ten acres and had two knights, who knows, but a king none the less. I also found Eric (Son of Oden). Yes, not only am I a descendant of Royalty, but I am a descendant of the GODS!

I immediately phoned my Ex-wife with my newfound knowledge.

She was not impressed. I am still the Grumpy Old Man to her. Oh, well, it was a shot. I still get to go to Christmas dinner anyway, so all is well.

Pat Smart

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