How to Search for Records in FamilySearch


How to Search for Records in FamilySearch By Dale E. Lee 2020.04.17 Summary: Signon to FamilySearch Click into Family Tree, then Tree in FamilySearch Find and Click into the person you want to find records for Verify that you are in the correct person and haven’t clicked through to someone else Review Sources and Memories to find out if the document has already been attached Click on the menu item called Search on the top of the page (not Find) Click on Records Enter as much of the info as you can about the ancestor as you can in the […]

2022.07.13 – Seek for Fun 7


Seek for Fun 72022.07.13 See if you can find all of the Family History Terms listed in the Word Search puzzle below. Family History Terms Family History Term List Abstract A document that contains information extracted from an original document. It contains information on the date of the record, names, relationships, and etc. Administration An action used by a court to settle the estate of a person who has no executor, or no will to administer the estate. Affidavit A statement made under oath, either written or oral. Annotation Annotations are used in genealogical research to provide proofs of research […]

2022.07.06 – FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2023


FamilySearch announces RootsTech 2023Submitted by Dale E. Lee2022.07.06 FamilySearch has just announced RootsTech 2023.RootsTech is the largest Family History Conference in the World, and it’s back this year better than ever!Though it may seem a little early, they were excited to announce that this next year they will have both On-line AND In-person sessions.RootsTech exhibits:“Learning – With over 3,000 classes on demand …Innovation – RootsTech partners with over 100 companies each year …Inspiration – Family History starts and ends with great stories …”Among other things.Check it out!See their announcement here: sign up for updates and announcements click here, […]

2022.06.29 – Who You Are


Who You AreBy Dale E. Lee © 20222022.06.29 You don’t know who, you truly are,Until you know who, your ancestors were,You don’t know why, you were born where you were,Until you know why, they were placed there,Your parents were born, in their birth place,For many reasons, their parents knew,Though each can choose, a course while alive,Their parents provide, the starting line,And so it goes, back on through time,By passing the baton, to generations next,Knowing who you are, and why you are here,Is not as simple, a task as it appears,Its reasons are buried, back deep in time,Inviting you on, an […]

2022.06.22 – Genealogy Top 10


Genealogy Top 10Submitted by Dale E. Lee2022.06.22 Some people find Family History a bit daunting when they first get involved in it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. There are things you can definitely do that will make a difference. The following is a list of the Top 10 things that will help you in your efforts, in no particular order: Be Organized and document your results. The difference between being organized and not being organized is very great. It takes far longer to accomplish tasks without organization, even taking into account the time it takes to get […]

2022.06.15 – Family History Vacations


Family History VacationsSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.06.15 Summer is the time for vacations. But it can also be the time to record memories that will be meaningful in the future. Consider combining your vacation with visits to relatives, family reunions, and other family related events. You can kill two birds with one stone and at the price of only one stone to boot! Time seems to slip by faster the older you get. As you age, you’ll find that loved ones graduate this life and if you are not careful, you’ll loose important information once they pass, especially voice and […]

2022.06.08 – Companies offering DNA Testing


Companies offering DNA TestingSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.06.08 Title: What company to use for DNA Testing?Question: What DNA Testing company should I use to discover other people that match my DNA?Answer: There are several companies that offer DNA Testing. The following is a list of many of the companies currently offering DNA mapping to the public. Before selecting a particular company, it is a good idea to become familiar with the different kinds of testing available. First see Then, review the offerings of several of the companies before deciding which is best for you. The top four companies are […]

2022.05.25 – The Importance of Family


The Importance of FamilyBy D. E. LeeCopyright (c), 1998 When you think back on your life,and remember what you’ve done,You soon begin to realize,the portion your family has won,For when your years at school have passed,and High School’s run its course,Your old time friends will soon depart,with or without remorse,Yet family remains an anchor still,especially when times get tough,You’ll find you’ll need them many times,whether timid or loud or gruff,And when they help you, as they should,remember what they’ve done,For friends seldom have commitment enough,to help unless it’s fun,You’ll loose your contact with your friends,but family never leaves,They’re there for […]

2022.05.18 – Digitizing Audio and Video


Digitizing Audio and VideoSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.05.18 One of the principle aims of Family History is to preserve items of historic importance. We do this on a National basis by creating Repositories of historic artifacts and documents relating to issues at the Federal level. One such repository is the National Archives of the United States. We do the same on the State (Province, Shire, etc.) level and on the local level. However, the preservation of historic materials is not limited to Governmental and Religious entities. Family organizations can also contribute to the preservation of relevant historic materials at the […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Seekerz

Seekerz 2

Clip art by Mother’s anxious waiting Heart By D. E. Lee Through the trials and storms of life,          there’s something you can be sure, It’s Mother’s anxious, waiting heart,          no distance can find cure, For Mother is the one we see,          when first we come to be, And Mother is the one we call,          whenever we have need, And in whatever success we gain,          it’s Mother who we praise, Because we know that without her,          there are few other ways. Seekerz LLC © 2020-2021

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