Dear Ancestor, I May Not Have Found You today…

Don’t Make Me Repeat Myself – History

Eventually, All Genealogists come to their Census

Family Tree Hugger


Genealogy, it’s in my DNA

Genealogy Ancestor Hunter

Genealogy Detectives

Genealgy, know the dangers

Genealogy, the ultimate puzzle

Genealogy, where you confuse the dead and irritate the living

Genealogy, where you disturb the dead and irritate the living

Genealogists Use Their Census!

Heat Changing Geographic Magic Mug

I collect dead relatives and occasionally a live cousin (Mug and Thermal Mug)

I love my genealogy, it’s in my DNA

I Seek Dead People (Genealogy)

If Family History is boring, you’re doing it wrong

My nickname is Mom but my full name is Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom

Old Genealogists never die. They just hang out at the cemetery permanently

Shh!! Be very, very quiet, I’m hunting forebears

Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is…

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