2021.07.14 – Finding Long Lost Families


Summary: Know who you are Long Lost Family Show Why seek? How it works How to search Deep Connections Detail: Know who you are You don’t really know who you are until you find out who your parents were. Where you were born was dictated by choices your parents made. Where they were born was dictated by the choices their parents made. They are not just names and dates and places, they are a part of you. Long Lost Family Show Nothing can get more “real” than finding lost members of your family, and the Long Lost Family show out […]

2021.07.07 – Become Certified


Become CertifiedBy Dale E. Lee2021.07.07 Summary: Understanding Certification Credentials Offered Knowledge Required Experience Required Educational Opportunities Employment Opportunities Books Available Detail: Over time fields of specialization tend to build up knowledge and expertise. Genealogy is a field of specialization just like Law, or Accounting or Dentistry. However, Genealogy has not yet achieved the force of law, as other professions have. As this field of knowledge progresses and matures it has and will become more formalized and the need for professionals in this area will increase. Already we are seeing off-shoots, such as forensic genealogy being used to good effect in […]

2021.06.30 – Learn How to Research


Learn How to ResearchBy Dale E. Lee2021.06.30 Summary: Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) Understanding Evidence Analyze Plan Execute Report Finalize Detail: Other lessons in this course talk about many of the different components of doing Family History Research. This chapter specifically addresses what Professional Genealogists do and how they organize themselves to be effective in what they do. Professional Genealogists are under a different set of constraints than than their clients. They strive to gain expertise in particular areas of research so they help their clients. They either have skills build up over years of experience in doing similar things, or […]

2021.06.23 – Relaxing with Relative Race


Relaxing with Relative RaceBy Dale E. Lee2021.06.23 Summary: Throw some fun in the mix Reality Shows Rules of the game Surprise twists Just have fun Detail: Throw some fun in the mix Some people think Family History is tough, with a lot of research, messaging and analyzing involved. Although it is true that it can be challenging, it can also be very rewarding. However, not everything you do in Family History has to be difficult, there are things you can do just for fun, but which may trigger ideas for things you can do to find your own relatives. Reality […]

Happy Father’s Day from Seekerz


Father’s Lead By D.E. Lee © 1997 A Father is a man of strength, who keeps a family safe, He leads the children of his house, the way, he tries to pave, To show to them the course to go, to guide them as he can, To be examples of the right, and honorable ways of man, He grinds, exerts and works so hard, to win his daily bread, And then comes home to show his love, to the one to whom he wed, And when the things in life are hard, not everything goes right, He provides a haven […]

How to Merge in FamilySearch

Seekerz 1

Merge in FamilySearchBy Dale E. Lee Summary: Get the FamilySearch IDs of the duplicates that will be merged Do due diligence in making sure they should be merged In the family tree, click into the entry with the ID to survive Click on Merge By ID under the Tools Category in the right margin Enter the Possible Duplicate ID and click Continue Pull over info from right to left if different, correct and significant Click Continue to Merge Fill in Reason This Merge is Correct and Click Finish Merge Review the result of the merge to be sure it’s what […]

How to Add a Child


How to Add a Child Relationship in FamilySearch By Dale E. Lee 2020.03.20 Summary: – Get the FamilySearch ID of the person to be added to a parent to child relationship – Get the FamilySearch IDs of the parents you wish to add the child to – Verify that the child should be added to the parents involved – Scroll down to and view the Family Members section and look for Parents and Siblings – Click on Add Parent – In the Add Parents screen click on By ID Number – Enter the FamilySearch ID Number in the ID Number […]

How to Remove a Child Relationship


How to Remove a Child Relationship in FamilySearch By Dale E. Lee 2020.03.08 Summary: – Get the FamilySearch ID person to be removed from a child-parent relationship – Verify that this person should be removed from the relationship – Click into the individual entry on FamilySearch – Scroll down to and view the Family Members section and look for Parents and Siblings – Click into the edit icon for the child to be removed from the child to parent relationship under the Parents and Siblings section – Be sure you don’t remove the parents from the relationship; you are trying […]

2021.05.25 – Go to the Location


Go to the LocationBy Dale E. Lee2021.05.26 Summary: Finding the location Family History Libraries Genealogical Societies Social Network Groups Professional Genealogists Educational Institutions Graveyards Civil Offices Archives Libraries Detail: After exhausting all other resources, it may become necessary to physically go to the location to determine if the records you cannot find online do exist but just have not have been recorded electronically. However, finding the site may be more complicated than envisioned and you definitely need to do some research before you go. Names for locations change over time, and knowing what the site is called today may be […]

2021.05.18 – Ask Others for Help


Ask Others for HelpBy Dale E. Lee2021.05.18 Summary: Family History Libraries Genealogical Societies Social Network Groups Internet searches Physical Record Repositories Help Desks Books Professional Genealogists Educational Institutions Detail: After obtaining whatever information you can from sources near to you first, start expanding your network. Get referrals from Family members to others involved in Family History. Then get information from those people to get referrals to additional people. And so on. Expand your contacts beyond your immediate family. Remember, you need to be thinking about sources that may not be readily apparent. Act like a Detective, don’t just absorb what […]

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