2021.03.13 – Innovators at RootsTech


Innovators at RootsTech By Dale E. Lee Summary: 3D Exhibits 3D Family Charts Computer Assisted Indexing Culture Comparisons DNA Matrices Family History in Historical Context Genealogy Research Assistants Interactive Family History Video Games Restoring old Photos Other Innovations Detail: Wow! I guess Covid 19 wasn’t ALL bad. Over 1,000,000 people attended RootsTech worldwide because it was Virtual (due to the pandemic), and it was Free! There were many Courses, Cultural events, Sessions, and Main events. But in addition to the areas of interest I personally had, one of the most interesting of the categories was the Innovators Portal. https://www.familysearch.org/rootstech/rtc2021/series/innovators The […]

2021.01.20 – Real Treat from RootsTech


RootsTech is just a little over one month away. 25-27 of February. They have come up with a real treat for everyone who comes to RootsTech. One of the most popular experiences at past RootsTech have been “Relatives at RootsTech.” They used the Family Search Tree app to show how you were related to people at the event. The downside is you had to be at the event to participate. Now that RootsTech is going virtual this February, they have set it up that everyone at the Conference, no matter where they live, worldwide can participate in the “Relatives at […]

2021.01.05 – The Grumpy Old Man on Recipes


Why are recipes so important? Could it be that from the beginning of time, food was a way of showing friendship? A Bond? In the beginning, food was hard to come by, and the act of welcoming one into your cave and offer them some of your hard-won Mastodon meat showed them they were special. As time went on and food was easier to come by, the custom continued. Now it was on the host to provide not just food but a tasty meal. The invention of recipes. Some recipes are handed down from generation to generation. Some are a […]

2020.12.30 – Cinnamon Rolls – Favorite Family Recipe


Holli Lee Summary: Grandma Cinnamon Rolls The Recipe Detail: Grandma Cinnamon Rolls The recipe for my Grandma’s cinnamon rolls has been a part of, and in the family ever since I can remember. Every time my Grandparents came over for family visits, my siblings and I would grab Grandma and put her to work in the kitchen. Since Grandma always made cinnamon rolls for us, we started calling her “Grandma Cinnamon Rolls”. While Grandma was working away in the kitchen, we had to go to bed, but we would try our best to get a glimpse of those cinnamon rolls. […]

2020.12.25 – Happy Holidays


Celebrations We at Seekerz want to wish you a Happy Holiday season. Whether you are celebrating Christmas Hanukkah Diwali Eid al_Fitr New Years Or even holidays later in the year such as Basant, Easter, Spring Bank and the Chinese New Year Wherever you are (including Space) and whatever you celebrate: Happy Holidays!!! — Seekerz, © 2020

2020.12.19 – The Grumpy Old Man finds “SPLELING” isn’t always Bad!


OK, correct “SPELLING” is a good thing. But it isn’t the only thing. In Genealogy handwritten documents might contain a “G” could look like a “C.” A small “a” could be mistaken for an “o” or the reverse. Names can also be spelled in various ways, Jon or John. I know a woman that spelled her name Lynda, not Linda. Then there is Petersen instead of Peterson. A woman may be under her maiden name or her husband’s last name. Depending on your name, how many ways can it be spelled? You get the picture. When searching, don’t be constrained […]

2020.12.16 – Red Chile Tomato Enchiladas


Walt Turley Summary: Old style with a modern twist The Recipe Detail: Old style with a modern twist I remember my Mom putting fresh tomatoes & whole green chilies on the top of the old cast iron wood stove to let them brown, turning them periodically until the skins were darkened. Then she’d peel off the skins and put them in the colander (a old style conical strainer) to puree them until it all turned to a thick puree. Then she’d spice the puree with salt, pepper & a sprinkle of garlic, & other spices I didn’t think to pay […]

2020.12.09 – Navaho Tacos


Marilyn Manygoats Summary: American Indian Style Tacos The Recipe Detail: American Indian Style Tacos Fried bread has been part of the Navaho culture for some time. For the history behind the Fried bread look up the ‘Long Walk of the Navaho” 144 years ago, by the Smithsonian magazine. According to the Navajo Times, a man named Lou Shephard came up with the first Navajo taco in 1960. He was a manager of a hotel/restaurant. A few years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Wisconsin. Up there Chippewa’s call them Indian Tacos, but they are smaller than Navajo tacos, […]

2020.12.02 – Granny Beazer Bread


Verla Beazer Summary: Making the house smell like love The Recipe Detail: Making the house smell like love Granny Beazer always made homemade bread. She would hand grind the wheat and add it to the white flour. She was born in 1897 and died in 1978. She taught me how to make bread and I taught my children and grandchildren. There’s nothing like homemade bread right out of the oven!! It makes the whole house smell like love! Of course Granny had homemade jam to go with it, but that’s another recipe. The Recipe Mix and let work 2 ½ […]

2020.11.25 – Granny Walsh’s Fudge – Favorite Family Recipe

Seekerz 1

Diane Mercer Summary: Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it The recipe Detail: Here’s my story and I’m sticking to it I lived on a small street in Southern California where 60 kids grew up. I was one of those kids. We seemed to always end up hanging out at one particular house. The mom that lived in that house was always so kind to everyone. Twice a year, Thanksgiving and Christmas, she would make fudge from scratch. What a treat it would be to have some of her fudge. Sometimes, I would have the privilege to help her […]

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