2022.05.25 – The Importance of Family


The Importance of FamilyBy D. E. LeeCopyright (c), 1998 When you think back on your life,and remember what you’ve done,You soon begin to realize,the portion your family has won,For when your years at school have passed,and High School’s run its course,Your old time friends will soon depart,with or without remorse,Yet family remains an anchor still,especially when times get tough,You’ll find you’ll need them many times,whether timid or loud or gruff,And when they help you, as they should,remember what they’ve done,For friends seldom have commitment enough,to help unless it’s fun,You’ll loose your contact with your friends,but family never leaves,They’re there for […]

2022.05.18 – Digitizing Audio and Video


Digitizing Audio and VideoSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.05.18 One of the principle aims of Family History is to preserve items of historic importance. We do this on a National basis by creating Repositories of historic artifacts and documents relating to issues at the Federal level. One such repository is the National Archives of the United States. We do the same on the State (Province, Shire, etc.) level and on the local level. However, the preservation of historic materials is not limited to Governmental and Religious entities. Family organizations can also contribute to the preservation of relevant historic materials at the […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Seekerz

Seekerz 2

Clip art byhttp://ucevanston.org Mother’s anxious waiting Heart By D. E. Lee Through the trials and storms of life,          there’s something you can be sure, It’s Mother’s anxious, waiting heart,          no distance can find cure, For Mother is the one we see,          when first we come to be, And Mother is the one we call,          whenever we have need, And in whatever success we gain,          it’s Mother who we praise, Because we know that without her,          there are few other ways. Seekerz LLC © 2020-2021

2022.05.04 – Searching on Photos


Searching on PhotosSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.05.04 I was merrily scrolling through posts from the Facebook groups I’ve joined, looking for something interesting that did not have to do with a specific part of the world, and stumbled into an intriguing idea. An Organization called Family History Fanatics claims that it is actually possible to find information on your relatives and ancestors by issuing searches on, of all things, Photos. So how, you ask, can you search on photos, meaning the kind someone else may have stored? In FamilySearch, there is a menu item called Memories. If you go to […]

2022.04.27 – See the Bigger View


See the Bigger ViewSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.04.27 As the field of Genealogy progresses, people are starting to realize that the view of the Family Tree we’ve been presented in the past is far too limited. Traditionally we could only see a few people at a time, even with a four or five generation chart. Trackuback has come up with an innovative solution to that problem. They now have a way to display a traditional Pedigree chart with all ancestors at the same time. Their display allows you not only to see everyone, but to zoom in until you get […]

2022.04.20 – Verbal Histories with Transcription


Verbal Histories with TranscriptionSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.04.20 One of the things I enjoy when attending RootsTech is to review all the new up and coming Innovations in the area of Family History. This year, one of the companies featured for innovation, stood out because of one salient feature they offer. The name of the company is Rakonto and they can be found at www.rakonto.io. Their offering in the Family History industry is to record and share Life Stories. You can sign up for a free account and immediately start uploading videos of your life stories, either prerecorded or on-the-fly […]

2022.04.13 – The Grumpy Old Man Starts a Journal


The headline above should read: The Grumpy Old Man Starts a Journal, AGAIN. I bet I have started “Journaling” a dozen or more times. Now, at 72, it’s time to get serious. One of the first things you should do in Genealogy is to ask your relatives. Usually that means getting information from a Grandparent or a relative that has lived a full life, and has a lot to remember. But what if you are the Grandparent or relative that has lived a full life, and no one asks? The reason I have had so many starts and stops was […]

2022.04.06 – New Indexing Capabilities


New Indexing CapabilitiesSubmitted by Dale E. Lee2022.04.06 FamilySearch recently announced some exciting new capabilities which will exponentially speed up the data storage of Family History records. They call it HRAI: Handwriting Recognition Artificial Intelligence. For many years the LDS Church has been collecting, digitizing, transcribing and storing records. Millions of records were originally microfilmed and afterward digitized. But accessing the data was difficult as users had to scroll through rolls of microfilm to find the information they needed. As technological capabilities grew, the records were then digitized and stored on digital computer media. This next step in the transformation of […]

2022.03.30 – Understanding Data Relationships


Understanding Data RelationshipsBy Dale E. Lee2022.03.30 The prior article on Understanding Data was written from the standpoint of Family History data stored on a computer and how it can be displayed out to the user. This article is written from the standpoint of entering Family History data into a computer and how it is stored in the computer. When a user enters data into a computer, cell phone, or other device, it is normally presented on the screen in a user friendly manner so that the data and the relationships are intuitive. However, when the data is stored in the […]

2022.03.22 – Understanding 3D Network Charts


Wait… Say What? Family Trees can be seen in 3D? Yes, of course. There are software developers that are now starting to display Family Tree information in three dimensions and in a network format. But why would we need network formatting? Aren’t the old Pedigree Charts, Family Group Sheets and Descendant charts good enough? We’ve been using them for years and years. Well no, they aren’t really good enough. If you’ve read the prior articles on Understanding Pedigree Charts, Fan Charts, and Descendant Charts, you’ll see a reoccurring theme, they have one very big gotcha. And the gotcha is that […]

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