2021.05.12 – Understanding Different Cultures


Understanding Different CulturesBy Dale E. Lee2021.05.12 Summary: Why learn about Different Cultures? Context is everything Culture Comparisons History Books Social Media Groups Records Detail: Why learn about Different Cultures? Becoming effective in Family History research is more than just running database repository searches. The searches can be of great assistance, but what if they don’t find what you are looking for? Records are being added daily to their repositories, but the records you are looking for might not have been digitized and indexed yet. This is the point at which understanding Cultures and History can become important. Some world events […]

Happy Mother’s Day from Seekerz

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Clip art byhttp://ucevanston.org Mother’s anxious waiting Heart By D. E. Lee Through the trials and storms of life,          there’s something you can be sure, It’s Mother’s anxious, waiting heart,          no distance can find cure, For Mother is the one we see,          when first we come to be, And Mother is the one we call,          whenever we have need, And in whatever success we gain,          it’s Mother who we praise, Because we know that without her,          there are few other ways. Seekerz LLC © 2020-2021

2021.05.04 – What Internet Repository to use?


Title: What Internet Database Repository to use?Question: What Internet Database Repository should I use to research and or track my Family History?Answer: Your research may require using multiple Internet database repositories. You will probably want to select one repository in which to store your personal Family Tree information and others to help in your research. The following are only some of the many that exist. Please see the following: http://www.seekerz.net/internet/

2021.04.26 – Community Service announcement


Seekerz LLC is proud to announce that we are supporting two organizationsthat have made tremendous efforts in helping the needy around the world. http://www.seekerz.net/community-service/ Feed My Starving Children® is an organization that has been feeding needy childrenfor decades. Children and adults hand-pack meals specifically formulated for malnourished children and ship these meals to partners around the world.They claim to have shipped 2,881,681,453+ meals to date. JustServe is a website that facilitates other organizations organize efforts to help the needy and improve the community. You can make a difference by using JustServe to organize a project, get notifications when new projects […]

2021.04.21 – SMART Family History Goals


SMART Family History GoalsBy Dale E. Lee2021.04.21 Summary: What are SMART goals? Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Time-based Detail: One of the problems people face in Family History is that almost everyone has a different set of circumstances. Some people are just starting and don’t have family members that have done very much in creating their Family Trees, and others have had extensive work done on theirs. But regardless of where you start, it is important to be SMART about how you approach your efforts. There are many aspects and many different projects you can get involved with, and research is […]

2021.04.21 – Newsletter announcement


We’ve been working hard and are now are able to offer you a free subscriptionto Seekerz Newz, our weekly newsletter. To subscribe, just go to www.seekerz.net > Subscribe > Free Weekly Newsletter,click the Subscribe button and fill out the form. We look forward to having you join us!

2021.04.10 – What desktop utility to use?


Title: What desktop utility to use?Question: What desktop utility should I use to track my Family History?Answer: There are many products on the market. The following is a list of the top desktop utilities in use. Review the products with your objectives and preferences in mind. And remember that some which are being marketed may be old versions. Go to the creator to get the most recent version. Agelong Tree Ahnenblatt3 Ancestral Quest Brother’s Keeper Family Historian Family Tree Builder Family Tree Maker Family Tree GEDitCOM II Genbox Family History GenealogyJ3 GenoPro Gramps Kith and Kin Legacy Family Tree LifeLines […]

2021.04.06 – Use Repositories


How to Use RepositoriesBy D. E. Lee2021.04.06 Summary: Use of the Internet What are Searches? What are Indexes? What are Repositories? Databases versus Supporting information PC software versus Web browsers Books Courses Detail: Use of the Internet To become actively involved in Family History requires that you Learn by Doing. Fifty percent of learning comes from theory (study), and the other 50% comes from practice. Without getting actively involved in the practice side of it, you can spend literally years in study and not get very far. Start doing now and let your need for information drive the training you […]

2021.03.26 – How to Index


How to Index By Dale E. Lee 2021.03.26 Summary: What is Indexing? Why is it important? Getting Started. Find a project. Find a batch. Read the Project Instructions. Extract the record(s). Utilize what you’ve learned. Detail: What is Indexing? OK. I admit the term Indexing is probably a misnomer. Maybe they should have called it Digitizing. But the reason they called it Indexing was to allow the document to be digitized and then entered into a computer database as text and afterward to build an Index on it. Computer indexes use the same concept as normal library card and or […]

2021.03.20 – Introduction to DNA Testing


Introduction to DNA Testing By Dale E. Lee 2021.03.20 Summary: Why take a DNA Test? Different Kinds of DNA tests Mitochondrial Testing Y-chromosome Testing Autosomal DNA Testing X DNA Testing What test to use? Detail: Why take a DNA Test? DNA testing is not for everyone. There are privacy concerns involved in testing, and the results of testing may not reveal the information you needed. But sometimes, they are an invaluable aid in discovering relationships that are difficult to determine because of the lack, or locking, of records. Records can be destroyed over time and they can also be locked […]

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