2020.10.14 – Travel Expense Savings with a Son of Pirates


During the nearly three years I worked as Supervisor of the European Microfilming Operations, I was constantly aware of and amazed at the millions of U.S. Dollars being spent annually by the Genealogical Society to acquire photographs of millions of pages of records of births, baptisms/confirmations, marriages, deaths and burials […]

2020.10.07 – Microfilms Lost and Found with a Son of Pirates


In 1974 I was working for the Genealogical Society as Supervisor of the European Microfilming Operations. As the archive records were filmed in each European country, they were sent from the filming location to an Emery Air Freight station in that country, and from there air freighted to the Genealogical Society in Salt Lake City. […]

2020.09.18 – What is RootsTech?


Summary: What is it? What’s different this year? What’s in it for me? What topics will they be discussing? What kinds of other activities will they have? Sign up Detail: What is it? According to Wikipedia: “RootsTech is a family history and technology conference and trade show held annually in […]

2020.09.13 – Openers From a Son of Pirates


​In the course of my correspondence with a retired Catholic priest in New Brunswick, Canada with whom I had common Acadien ancestry, he expressed delight at learning that I was a “descendant of pirates”. It seems he translated the word “privatier” as pirate instead of privateer, which is a seaman […]

2020.09.05 – RootsTech 2021 is FREE!


Jen Allen, director of events at FamilySearch stated that RootsTech Connect will take place live online on February 25-27, 2021. It will be an entirely Virtual and entirely Free Conference. You can see the announcement at: https://www.rootstech.org/blog/rootstech-is-coming-to-you?lang=eng&et_cid=1777253&et_rid=105795865&linkid=blog&cid=em-rt-9873 There is a link in the article above under “What’s Included?” that will […]

2020.08.23 – How to Save Your Data

Seekerz 1

Summary: Only records saved are remembered Take notes and organize them Teach what you learn to others Keep an index of record locations Store data using desktop utilities Make backups to prevent loss Backing out to previous versions Catastrophic loss Share records with those you trust Store records on the […]

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