2022.02.16 – A New Perspective


The Grumpy Old Man has a New Perspective

Genealogy and Family History. Are they the same?

Yes and No. I read an article and it gave me a new perspective.

Genealogy is the research side of the Adventure. Family History is the story side that brings the Adventure alive. Both are equally important.

I fell into the Genealogy side. I was looking for information to fill in the blanks. I would look for a name to place on a branch of my tree. Once I got the name, on to the next. What I missed is that there’s a lot more to an ancestor than just a name. There is his or her life.

Finding that life takes extra effort, but is well worth it. John Doe may be the name placed on the family tree but a LITTLE more time spent can bring insight as to who John Doe was, how he lived, and how he or she impacted your life.

Genealogy is not just names on a chart. It is a living collection of insights into who we are.

Dig deeper. Find the Stories. Know who you are and why.

Pat Smart

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